My approach to design is simple.
My identity is in the way I think.

 I am confident with what I am doing and I want to do it well and with attention to detail. A full understanding of my client’s needs is of utmost importance to me to create a fully inclusive and cohesive interior space that fulfils the brief.

When I started my interior design journey, it was the small interior spaces that clients entrusted me with that were my bread and butter and I have never forgotten that.

We are therefore not specific about what Interior projects we will and will not take on. I have been blessed with large hospitality lodges and extensive corporate offices down to the simplest guest loo in a reception foyer of a home.

Regardless of the space being big or small, I am here to help with transforming your house into a home.


Our interior design and decorating service is based on each individuals needs, we look at your vision and create a full range of services required in order to make your space functional and beautiful.








“The essence of Interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job”

– Albert Hadley


The stock is always of a very high quality and knowing that there are never very many of the same items provides huge contentment that my home will have its own sense of uniqueness.
I was very happy with the online consultation. It suited my purposes very well and I feel I have a good plan for decorating my new home. You suggested some black furniture so one of my lockdown projects has been to paint some old barstools as well as a sideboard. Both have turned out so nicely!

I love visiting Tracy's shop! It is always such a wonderful experience with such a peaceful atmosphere. The shop is always filled with the most beautiful, exclusive pieces and gogo's coffee is to die for!

It is great fun working with Tracy. Not only does she have a great sense of humour but she gets to the source of improving and working on my decor for me. It saves me so much hassle as she comes to my home with the samples or I go into the studio and she has set up numerous schemes for me to look at. If we need to, we will head off to Durban to get a broader concept for our schemes. I also like the fact that the schemes are not fussy with a hint of minimalization. Once I have received the quote from her for the work and the installation I can at my leisure peruse this quote and arrive at the cost and scheme which fits my family and myself.

Nom de Plume has got to be one of my favourite shops! As soon as I step inside I feel relaxed by the calming scents and feng shui. I love exploring and shopping in this gorgeous decor space and I am always finding new treasures to take home. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and it is such a bonus to be offered a coffee while I shop. Thank you Tracy and the Nom de Plume Team!

You are truly gifted Tracy. You have an incredible eye to put things together in a very classical and elegant way without compromising comfort, practicality or homeliness.