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Terracotta Vase

Hurricane Bowl

in Teraccotta

R 355

H14 W14

Metal Vase

Antique Brass Vase

R 1 528

H24 W14

Turmeric Vase

Turmeric Vase

R 842

H21 W18

Rattan wall basket

Patterned Basket Bowl

R1 400

H 12 D39

Textured Cream Vase

Cream Textured Vase

R 459

H20 W10


Palm Planter Natural Black Trim

R 2 140

H51 W58

Rattan Cutlery Organiser

Rattan Cutlery Basket Oriental Brown

R 1965

H18 W21 L32

Cream Textured Vase/Planter

Textured Bowl Vase

R1 975

H28 W25

Dancing Ballerina Figure

Dark Bronze Dancer

R 3 135

H44 W16

Glass Vase Dusty Pink

Amber Glass Hurricane

R 245

H13 W11

Dark Maroon Vase

Large Glass Maroon Hurricane

R 530

H24 W17

Coral Paper Weight/accessories

Metal Coral on Marble Stand

R 765

H20 W21

Marble Vase

Hurricane Black White Marble

R 947

H24 W20

Silver & Gold Bowl

Large Brass Bowl with Feet

R 1 565

H12 W26

Small Silver and Gold Bowl

Small Brass Bowl with Feet

R 898

H10 W18

Glass Hurricane Vase

Small Glass Hurricane

R 205

H15 W12

Checkered Basket

Palm Planter Black and Natural

R 2 140

H50 W58

Marble Terrazzo Bowl

Marble Bowl In Butterscotch

R 3 056

H6 W30

Ochre Glass Vase

Amber Puzzle Vase B

R 865

H24 W14

Ochre Glass Vase

Amber Puzzle Vase A

R 975

H24 W22

Ochre Glass Vase

Amber Puzzle Vase Figure of 8

R 975

H24 W22

Marble Bone Inlay Tray

Cream and Bone Inlay Tray

R 1965

H24.5 W14.5

Marble White Vase

Marble Planter

R 263

H12 W13

Marble Picture Frame

Scalloped White Stone Frame

R 370

H20 W15.5

Wooden Picture Frame

Rounded Acacia Wood Frame

R 435

H21 W15.5

Gold, Black and Wood Frame

Mangowood Black, Gold & Resin Frame

R 369

H22.5 W18

Faux Inguni Print Frame

Inguni Black & Gold Frame

R 900

H22 W17

Large Marble Storage Box

Large White Marble Box

R 844

H11 W25.5 L32

Bone Frame

Horn Frame

R 684

H22.5 W17.5

Small Marble Storage Box

Small White Marble Box

R 422

H10 W18 L23

Steel Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket with Tongs

R 1 965

H13 W17

Tall Steel Ice Bucket

Nickel Canister/Ice Bucket

R 1 090

H28 W14

Leopard Ice Bucket Glass

Tortoise Shell Ice Bucket

R 775

H17 W20

Brushed Gold Ice Bucket

Antique Brass ice Bucket

R 2 183

H23 W21

Leather & Gold Ice Bucket

Ice Buvket with Woven Leather

R 1 910

H17 W16

black and white vase

Black and White Vase

R 272

H19 W7.5

Small Black Ice Bucket

Medium Black Bone Ice Bucket

R 1 430

H15 W17

Tall Black Ice Bucket

Large Black Bone Ice Bucket

R 2 195

H21 W17

Silver Snack Bowl

Salsa Bowl Stand

R 1 158

H23 W22

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder in Pewter

R 278

H5 W8

Round Pewter Coasters

Coaster Set Round in Pewter

R 725
Square Pewter Coasters

Coaster Set Square in Pewter

R 725
Wine Holder

Coaster/Bottle Holder

R 339
Wine Holder

Wine Bottle Coaster

R 376
Tall Black Vase

Black Large Vase with Balls

R 2 230

H48 W14

Steel Water Jug with Wooden Handle

Water Jug with Wooden Handle

R 1 461

H26 W25

Large Glass Hurricane Vase

Large Glass Hurricane

R 466

H26 W17

Tot Measurer

Tot Measure with Wooden Handle

R 311


Ice Scoop with Wooden Handle

Ice Scoop with Wooden Handle

R 278


Large Glass Hurricane Vase

Bottle Opener with Wooden Handle

R 185


Wooden Bowls

Tuareg Wooden Bowl

R 1 375

H36 D30

Cake Knife Set in Gold and Resin

Cake Set Gold with Wood

R 557


Wine Reusable Cork

Amber Bottle Stopper

R 72

H5 W13

Black Box with Gold Embellishments

Black Box with Gold Studs

R 368

H6 W11.5 L15.5

Tall Silver and Glass Jar

Decanter Antique

R 1 103

H30 W13

Silver and Glass jar

Decanter Hammered

R 776

H23 W15

Glass jug and silver

Decanter Mini Jug

R 447

H17 W15

Brushed Silver Square Tray

Tray on Legs Nickel

R 1 275

H6 W28.5 L39

Brushed Silver Long Tray

Dented Nickel Tray

R 1 475

H11 W20 L 57

Rattan Tray/ Fruit Bowl

Rattan Tray/Dish

R 1 090

H13 W31

Large Amber Vase

Hurricane Glass Brown with Lines

R 1 773

H30 W29

Cream Textured Stand

Textured Cream White Stand

R 2 700

H28 D43

Large/ Tall Textured Cream Bowl Stand

Textured Cream Ceramic Stand

R 3 400

H60 D31

Black and Natural Basket

Small Black Diamond Basket

R 879

H37 W35

Abstract Plate

White and Black Plate

R 605

L27 W27

Grey and Natural Basket

Atmos Basket

R 784

H48 W48

Brown Flask Vase

Brown Flask Vase

R1 805

H37 W33

Calabash Vase in Grey

Medium Calabash Vase in Grey

R 424

H23 W22

Calabash Vase in Grey

Small Calabash Vase in Grey

R 313

H15 W19

Marble Vase

Marble Glass Hurricane


H31 W19

Marble Vase

Medium Marble Glass Hurricane

R 707

H21 W18

Grey Hurricane Vase

Large Diamond Cylinder

R 572

H30 W18

Spikey Round Vase/Planter

Ceramic Large Pot

R1 335

H26 W25

Black Bowl

Black Ceramic Dish

R 627

H12 W30

Tall Vase with Ears

Black Vase with Ears

R 1 130

H44 W19

Tall Neck Vase black

Black Vase with Ridges

R 1309

H41 W23

Tea Light Holder with marble

Candle Holder with Marble

R1 654

H23 W15

Pineapple Ceramic Accessory

White Leaf Vase

R 2 265

H30 W32

Ceramic Planter

Cream Ceramic Planter

R 450

H25 W25

Smokey Brown Tall Vase

Chocolate Vase Large

R 1 220

H40 W19

Black Steel Man with Marble Base

Dark Bronse Man Statue

R2 368

H54 W8

Leather Basket

black Leather basket

R4 844

H47 W40

Moon Tray

Black Slate Tray with

Brass Handles

R 833

L56 W16

White Ceramic Planter

Cream Lady Vase

R 692

H22 W26

Wire Basket

Large Wire Basket



Cream and Copper Wire Basket

Large Wire Basket Cream and copper



Wire Basket

Large Wire Basket



Coral Ceramic Piece

Sea Anemone Statue

R1 325

H40 W18

Cream Pot/Planter

Zulu Beer Pot Medium

R 520

H17 W19

Amber Vase

Pyramid Vase Amber

R 428

H24 W9

U shaped Candle Holder

U Shaped Candle Holder

R 1 324

H50 W16

Brass Candle Holder

Chocolate Vase Large

R 1 220

H40 W19

Graphite Candle Holder

Candlesticks in graphite

R 819

H33 W12





H3.5 W14 L24

Artifact Stand


R 754

H47 W21

Large Ice Bucket


R2 082

H23 W16 L36

Rattan Lantern

Thick Rattan Lantern

with Glass Hurricane

R 805

H22 W20 L20

Large Black Planter

Large Black Planter

R 2 876

H41 D39

Medium Square Rattan Tray

Square Rattan Tray White Washed

R1 143

H8 W52 L52

Large Square Rattan Tray

Large Square Rattan Tray White Washed

R2 286

H8 W62 L62

Rectangle Thick Rattan Tray

Thick Rattan Rectanglar Tray

R 737

H8 W44 L66

Round Rattan Tray

Large Rattan Round Tray

R1 311


Medium Square Rattan Tray Dark

Medium Square Rattan Tray

R 1 143

H8 W53 L53

Large Square Rattan Tray

Large Square Rattan Tray

R 2 286

H8 W62 L62

Medium Rattan Square Basket

Rattan Towel Basket Small

R1 507

H39 W34

Rattan Square basket large

Rattan Towel basket large

R 3 016

H39 W45

Rattan Basket round

Half garlic basket

R 1 092

H30 D40

Large Basket with handles

Zimbabwian Tonga Basket

R 900

H36 W72

Round rattan basket

Rattan Honey Basket Medium

R 1 239

H34 W25

Lime green and white basket

Yellow & White Basket Bowl

R 704

H21 D30

Rattan Dust Bin

Basket with Frill

R 430

H35 D26

Black and rattan Basket

Black & Natural stripe

basket small

R 439

H26 D29

Crisscross Basket



R 1 048

H32 D37

Wooden Bowl

Round Wooden Bowl

R 550

H16.5 D36

Gold and black tray

Cake Stand Rectangular

Gold & Black

R 1 035

H7 W19 L37

Rattan Tray with Glass

Oriental Brown

Tray with Glass

R 1 206

H9 W25 L33

Wood, Inguni & Gold box

Wooden Gold Box


H8.5 W14 L19

inguni Glass Jar

Zebra Skin decanter

R1 350

H30 W11

Gold Candle Holder

Gold Candle Holder

R1 650

H15 W17

Marble Tray

Large Marble Tray

R 2 000

H4 W31 L 31

White Large Bowl

White Glaze Bowl on Feet

R2 900

H12 D39

Woki Cream Vase

Wonki Textured Cream Vase

R1 670

H15 W17

Medium Spin Vase

Medium Spin Vase

R3 430

H30 W34

Wooden Pot

Lozi Wooden Pot

R 1 375

H5 W11

Wooden Bird

Drift Wood Bird Large

R2 110

H22 W21 L48

Wooden Bowl

Black Teak Bowl Extra Large

R2 610

H13 D40

Deep Bone Frame

Deep Bone Frame

R 1 030

H22 W17

Bone and Wood Inlaid Checkered Frame

Bone and Wood Inlaid Checkered Frame

R 710

H24 W18

Cream Bone Frame

Plain Bone Frame Stepped

R 880

H23 W18

Narrow Carved Bone Frame

Narrow Curved Bone Frame

R 780

H17 W13

Plain Bone Frame

Plain Bone Frame

R 630

H19 W14

Horn Frame Tumble Small

Horn Frame Tumble

R 750

H22 W17

Bone Frame wide edge

Bone Frame wide edge

R 1 020

H24 W19

Bone and Wooden Inlaid Chevron Frame

Bone and Wooden Inlaid Chevron Frame

R 710

H24 W19

Horn Frame with Bone Trim

Horn Frame with Bone Trim

R 780

H23.5 W19

Green Textured Pot

Green Terracotta Pot Small

R 3 330

H36 D30

Green Textured Pot Large

Green Terracotta Pot Large

R 4 230

H53 W43

Checkered Bone Box

Checkered Bone Box

R 640

H5 W11

Zulu Pot

Lozi Wooden Pot

R1 375

H36 D30

Wooden Elephant

Elephant Mask with Tusks

R 870

H53 W43

Wooden Elephant

Elephant Mask Short Spout

R 870

H5 W11

Wooden Elephant

Elephant Mask Long Spout

R 870

H36 D30

Wooden Rhino

Rhino Mask

R 8 70

H53 W43