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Raffia and fabric lampshades are not included, the price is for the lamp base only.

Cone Rattan Lamp

Cone Rattan Base

R 2 840

H49 W30

Black Lamp with Spikes

Black Spiked Lamp

R4 370

H43 W30

Tortoise shell Lamp

Tortoiseshell Bottle Shaped Lamp

R3 275

H52 W18

White Ridged Large Lamp Base

White Ceramic Lamp

R 3 040

H55 W34

Ceramic Cream Lamp Base

Organic Cream Lamp base

R3 275

H46 W35

Jar Rattan Base

Jar Rattan Base

R 3 060

H63 W35

Tall White Lamp Base

White Lamp with

Horizontal Ridges

R 4 150

H69 W20

Cut Glass Green Lamp Base

Green Lamp with Brass Base

R 4 150

H58 W15

White Marble Desk Lamp

White Marble Base

R 1 750

Slightly Scratched H46 W34

Gold Desk Lamp

Lausanne Gold Lamp

R 2 229

H41 W14

Bronze Shade Lamp

Bronze Shade Lamp

R 6 360

H62 W39

Black Wooden Lamp

Black Wooden Lamp

R 2 183

H48 W28

Wooden Lamp

Wooden Lamp Natural

R 2 738

H60 W14

Pineapple Lamp

Pineapple Black & Brass Lamp

R 2 805

H77 W13

Black Mesh Lamp Base

Birds Nest Black Lamp Base

R 2 056

H56 W22

Green with Stripes Lamp

Black, White, Green Lamp with Stripes

R 3 925

H60 W23

White Large Lamp Base

Cream Vase Lamp

R 2 895

H66 W31

Gobe Light

Antique Brass Lamp with Big Globes

R 2 620

H59 W36

Green with Stripes Lamp

Quail Light

R 1 500

H47 W16

Black Marble Lamp

Poise Marble Base Lamp

R 3 060

H47 W16

Black Rattan Lamp

Black Rattan Ball Lamp Base

R 3 060

H54 W19

Marble Blush Lamp

Marble Blush Lamp

R 4 000

H50 W25

Light Brown Art Deco Ceramic Lamp

Art Deco Light Brown Lamp

R 820

H37 L36 W11

Green Bulbus Lamp

Green Bulbus Lamp

R 2 900

H40 W20

Silver & Black Desk Lamp

Silver and Black Desk Lamp

R 4 520

H70 W21