Sable Alley Safari Camp

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An Interior space always has a story to tell, this for me is done through my design. The feelings of warmth and comfort make it inviting yet, at the same time challenges ones senses by adding texture, clever compositional layout and style.

The moment you enter Sable Alley it captivates your heart with these elements combined. I was inspired by the flora and fauna surroundings within the delta seen simply within the rich rusty tones of the mopane tree bark once stripped by the elephants, the straw shades of the grasses and the copper colours in the Combretum seedpods. Combining these natural elements as well as incorporating an industrial feel, the story created by the design weaved its way throughout the lodge, Sable Alley.

The layers that make up the design are echoed amongst the people and places of Botswana, Africa. I sourced pieces that had interest and told an African story. This quirk and unexpected combination of accessories and artefacts together with beautiful fabrics makes a unique African space.

I am a proud African and this is evident in my design, to say I love the richness of our land is an understatement – there is so much available, one just has to look.


– Tracy Kelly

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